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Matrix::operator* is definately there.


Linear algebra

  • chol Cholesky factorisation
  • dot Dot product
  • dotc Dot product with complex cojugate transpose
  • eig Eigenvalue decomposition
  • gemm General matrix matrix multiplication
  • gemv General matrix vector multiplication
  • inv Inversion
  • norm Euclidean norm
  • pinv Pseudo-Inversion
  • svd Singular value decomposition

Transform operators

  • DFT Discrete Cartsian FFT
  • NFFT non-uniform FFT
  • CSENSE Cartesian SENSE
  • NCSENSE non-Cartesian SENSE
  • CGRAPPA Cartesian GRAPPA
  • DWT Discrete wavelet transform
  • TVOP Total Variation transform

Arithmetic operators elementwise



  • Volume Set and get particular volume
  • Slice Set and get particular slice
  • Row Set and get particular row
  • Column Set and get particular col
  • ind2i Index to first dim
  • ind2j Index to 2nd dim
  • ind2k Index to 3rd dim
  • ind2x Index to arbitrary dimension
  • sub2ind Subs from index


  • interp1 1D Interpolation
  • ::Resample 2D Interpolation
  • PolyVal::lookup Polynomial interpolation (CSPLINE, AKIMA, LINEAR, etc)