codeare, common data exchange and reconstruction engine, is an open-source, comprehensive high performance package for testing, staging and production of MRI image reconstruction and sequence runtime interaction.

It was designed and built to simplify the deployment of original ideas into the production on MRI scanners, offer unlimited expansion by allowing the easy integration of code written in many programming languages, like Python, Java, Perl, ... and meta languages like MATLAB, octave.

The core is built around a C++ matrix template that meets the requirements of MRI data processing. It includes a RAM/HD runtime database very much comparable to what we know as workspace in software like MATLAB, octave, numpy/scipy etc. A comprehensive and extansible toolbox has been programmed for operations on the matrix objects like ...

Futhermore, IO routines and drivers are provided for multiple binary formats as ...

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bloch simulator for education in mri and nmr
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a comparable project to codeare by michael hansen and thomas sorensen.

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